My serious car acident injury on May 3rd, 2014

I stayed on this cast for a long time after surgery.

I stayed on this cast for a long time after surgery.

Most of my close friends know about my serious accidents, but I would like to share with broader circle of friends now. I had a serious car accident on May 3rd. I broke multiple fractures on my left leg (shattered knee, 2 broken bones on ankle and one toe and heel bone on my right leg. I was airlifted to Hospital, 6 hour surgery. I could not bear weights on my legs, cannot stand, walk, use toilet…. 24 hour care up to now. After 5 days at hospital, almost a month at nursing center, now private board and care, Victoria Royale in Cathedral City, 760-327-3046.

It was unfortunate, the other driver instantly killed, did not have insurance, nor did not register his car, and I do not have collision coverage, only uninsured motorist. At the top of that, now Medicare is restricting coverage. That is why I moved to a private board and care.

However, I am healing well, receiving a lot of prayers, support, help and care from Oneness family, community of Idyllwild and friends. Some of my friends are bringing nutritious food and green drink, giving me energy work and Oneness blessings. Since I do not have a family member in USA, they are taking care of me well as if I am a family member.

All your prayer, support and care are carrying me to the next level. On Monday, June 13th, I had a DR’s appointment. He said that my bones are healing well, and then gave me an order to weight bearing status on left leg. On the next day Physical Therapist came to the boarding care home in Cathedral City, and I did the first time put weight on my left leg with support of walker.
The first weight on leg, I felt very insecure, but I remembered all your support and prayers, then able to continue, a couple of times practice to transfer myself from bed to walker, walker to wheelchair. I had to cry for this progress.
Now I feel so hopeful. I wish to practice every day. I have physical therapy only two times a week. Meantime, I need to strengthen other muscles (legs and arms).

This is the opportunity of spiritual growth, accepting what is and turning inward to the body. My heart is flowering and sees beauty of LIFE and how we are dependent to each other.

How will all these experiences influence to my art?
My artworks always reflect the state of my spiritual consciousness.
I am doing some watercolor on my bed side. You can expect some new body of work after these experiences.

My friends are making fundraising site for me. Please send healing prayers to me, and donations to cover expenses for Medicare denied and failure of the other driver’s responsibility at this fund raising site if you wish.
The site is:

Thank you for all your prayers, support, help, care, and donation.
You are part of me, I am part of you.

Love to all,
Hiroko Momii
June 19th, 2014

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